HAProxy Monitoring

ubuntu 20.04
Checkmk 2.0.0p4
We leverage HAProxy in our environment a bit different than what Check_MK is expecting.
Meaning, there will always be 1 or more backend servers in a DOWN state and only 1 UP. Currently Check_mk sees these DOWN states as a critical which isn’t really a problem as long as there’s still one UP.

If possible, we’d like to have Check_mk treat all HAProxy UP or DOWN and report accordingly. Could you please share your thoughts in achieving the same

IMHO the best Solution is to put the Proxy`s to an BI

and just alerting to this BI

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Thank you So much!! It really helps :slight_smile:

Hi BH2005,

I have implemented BI and enabled notification also. But the existing service also showing alert/notification , disabling those service also disables the BI aggregation too. What to do to ignore those related services?

you can disable notificatations for single Services

Did this and the notification mails were stopped , but still it is showing in “Service Problems (unhandled)” section of the dashboard , is there a way to hide/remove from that section?

this can be done in this way
put the services in a Servicegroupe assign the SG to an other Contactgroupe and so hide the services.

I have put the services to Service Group.
Tried to point Service Group tp other Contact group , but couldn’t figure it out.
Could you please share the detailed steps for for pointing the SG to Contact Group??