Hardware Monitoring

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I am having Check_mk version 1.5.0p21. we are having physical servers of Dell & HP.

These servers does not have IDRACK connecction.

Is there any way to monitor hardware health for these physical servers ??

Thank in Advance.


Yes you can do it by monitoring with snmp

Which operating system?

For VMware ESXi, the special agent already receives the overall state from the host. In addition, you can use check_esxi_hardware.py from https://www.claudiokuenzler.com/monitoring-plugins/check_esxi_hardware.php

For Linux, you can install hardware-related tools like lm-sensors, smartmontools, ethtools, MegaCLI, nvme-cli, openipmi/freeipmi/ipmitool, read-edid, i2c-tools, edac-utils, …
Some require specific local configuration, some work out of the box. Support for some of these is already included in the Linux checkmk agent. For others you might need to install the corresponding agent plugin. Have a look at https://YOURMONITORINGSERVER/SITE/check_mk/wato.py?folder=&mode=download_agents in your monitoring site.

(edit: added more Linux tools)


If you don’t have a management interface, how to you connect to the machine in case of downtime?

Check the documentation of Dell and HP, how they advise you to monitor you hardware.
I know that Dell has there own management tool software (OpenManageEnterprise) and they can check that hardware ‘health’ through the OS maybe. If you install additional software on that host, so that it can communicate to the hardware. But I have only experience with an iDRAC or ELO interface and not without one.

For what if worth, for Dell ESXI host it’s called iSM of OpenManage plugin (to read the hardware status through the OS)

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