Have a Timeout after rebooting monitored device

Dear Forum.

We are looking to solve an issue that we have.

When we are rebooting one of our windows server. We would like to first start monitoring after the update has reached 10 min.

This way we will be able to have services that are set to delayed start have a chance of starting before monitoring will alert the operations team.

Is there some way of setting this behaviour on the agent?

why so complicated. You can set the system before reboot to downtime with a range of 10 to 15 minutes.
The alarms will suppressed in this range. The delay of the services on windows is no good solution.
The effort of downtime is, that you can watch what happens on the System during the time range.

Is there a way to give the operations team a “Reboot Server Downtime” witch sets the server up for a 15min downtime?

Have a look at $OMD_ROOT/share/doc/check_mk/treasures/downtime which is a small Python script that calls the Multisite API to set a scheduled downtime.

With -v you get the URL to use it in your own scripts.

you can give them access to checkmk or let them issue a call via webapi. Some of my customer send a API call to checkmk and use an automation account for this action.
You can try this:

curl "http://mydemo/demo/check_mk/view.py?filled_in=actions&_transid=-1&_do_actions=yes&actions=yes&_do_confirm=yes&view_name=hoststatus&host=cmkdemo&site=demo&_down_comment=Downtime+next+15+minutes&_down_from_now=From+now+for&_down_minutes=15&_username=automation&_secret=your-secret-here"

I hope this helps.

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In case of manual downtimes, you can make this more convenient by configuring an “Adhoc downtime” (in global setting) with a pre-defined duration and comment. Fewer clicks for the operator, better acceptance.