Have SNMP Access but No Services Found


So I have 10 Switches, same model, same configurations (from what the Network admin says), but 3 of them have this error where I get SNMPv3 and SNMPv2 Access (Green State in checkmk connection test) but when I do a full scan I get no services.

How is this possible? I also have the same host properties configuration for all of them as I bulk the hosts in 1 go

Some config or switch specs would help al lot. Try running smnpwalk from the command line as a first test.


Also: Don’t trust your network admin. :wink:
If some devices work and some don’t, chances are that the switches have not been configured properly.

Also try debugging the devices on the CLI as outlined here: Network Monitoring with SNMP: Troubleshooting in God Mode

They are Cisco 3750X

I did a snmpwalk and it gives me a bunch of stuff and it also retrieves some information there.
Like powersupplies, interfaces, etc…

But in the end of the SNMPwalk scan it gives me an error:

Fetching ‘walk’…
Failed: OID ‘.’: SNMP Error on Switch_Name: SNMP query timed out after 4 tries within 82.36 seconds

Some devices perform really poorly on SNMP queries. You might have to tweak the configuration there.
Here is some further reading on that topic: Ultra-scalable IT Monitoring for SysAdmins and DevOps - Checkmk Blog | SNMP