Hieroglyphs at Label HTML / PNG graphs


CMK version: 2.1.0p16
OS version: SLES 15 SP4

Probably since the upgrade to 2.1 we’ve been getting this wrong display of the Legend in PNG graphs in an HTML email.
On the website the graphs are fine, only the generated *.PNG image shows these problems.

Now I don’t know where to look for the cause / how the picture will be generated.
Is it possible to trigger this manually?

**Exaple: **

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it seems that there’s a problem with SLES 15 SP4 an CMK 2.1.0p16.

With CMK 2.1.0p13 it is possible to generate a PDF. Export → Report of Host

Same Server with a copy of the Site and upgrade to CMK 2.1.0p16

I can’t find anything in the Changelog for 2.1.0.p17

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