Host Attributes/Host Tags in notifications

Hi we use email notifications.

I created a Tag “Standort” with a value “x”

i want to get this “x” in Notifications about this host.
how can i add host tags to notifications?

“Information to be displayed in the email body → Tags of the Host” is not the correct one :pensive:

Hi @Flolo,

i guess with tags it’s not possible. Take a look at the custom host attributes, if i am right, they can be used in notifications.

Hi @tosch i already tried using them.

I don`t see any option for using them in the Notifications itself. Even when the box is selected…

Take a look at the notification context, all variables should be usable as macro in the notification.


Oh, you are right, seems like custom attributes don’t work. But found this post.

EDIT: If you are able to read German, this may helps as well:

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