"Hosts without system description OID" error in raw 1.6.0p11

In a fresh check raw 1.6.0p11 installation, for a lot of hosts I see this error:

CRIT - no unmonitored services found, no vanished services found, no new host labels, [snmp] Cannot fetch system description OID . This might be OK for some bogus devices. In that case please configure the ruleset “Hosts without system description OID” to tell Check_MK not to fetch the system description and system object OIDs.

But when I edit the services and do a full scan, it does not find anything new there.
Any ideas where to find this “Hosts without system description OID” ruleset, and what should be configured there?

Thank you!

You can find this rule like all other rules inside Host & Service Parameters at your WATO section. This rule diables the expectation of OIDs available for system information and you don’t get this CRIT again.





I think the problem is something else.
Your host is configured to be monitored with agent and SNMP.
But this host don’t “speak” SNMP.
Configure this host only as agent based and that’s it.

Hello @andreas-doehler and @tosch,

You were both right, as I had to make changes in both settings to fix it.

Thanks to you, the problem is now resolved.
Thanks a lot!

Best regards,