🤔 How accurate are the votings overall on the feature portal...?

I very much welcomed the announcement of the user feature suggestion portal at this year’s conference.


I have the impression that there is currently a certain imbalance between the individual votes:

On the one hand those that already existed at the time of the announcement at the conference (or which were created by conference visitors shortly afterwards) - and those that were created now in the weeks afterwards until today.

The proposals of the former group were able to take advantage of the momentum of the conference, where probably hundreds of users were active on the platform at the same time. :muscle:
I suspect that proposals that are submitted afterwards have a much harder time getting that many votes at all in theory, because the number of active observers/voters has probably (?) dropped. :arrow_heading_down:

Can you somehow address this fear?

=> How about …

  • collecting feature suggestions continuously, but
  • activating the voting only 3-4 times a year for a short period?
    (including prior announcement/launching on tribe29’s marketing channels… I think that would give a more accurate and balanced picture of needs.)


PS: Of course, I’m also asking out of pure self-interest - and would be happy if my proposal of yesterday got a few more votes than only 11, hehe :slight_smile: (this was the trigger for this post)

=> My suggestion: Improve the visual differentiation and testability for Regex/Globbing filter fields - Checkmk

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You just invented a way of bumping your individual suggestions ;).

I general I totally agree that this is a problem we will have to think of and should solve.

Also the interface of the portal is also quite influential, e.g. in the default view the highest voted suggestions are listed at the top. Guess what gets the most attention ;-).


Hi Simon,
I understand your challenge, but disagree with your proposed solution. It would not solve the issue, after the first period, you will have some leading requests (unless you remove the votes before each time, which would annoy users)

A possible solution, which I have seen with other applications of this kind is a “Hot votes” feature. The sorting is about the votes in the last x days. As a result newly added topics are shown at the top, if they receive a number of votes initially. I have raised a feature request with the tool vendor


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is it possible to list the results like on the exchange side?
Top ones and latest.

Unfortunately not. List by top voted features is the unchangeable default

No option to extract the informations and to use the content on another side?