How do I raise the warning limit for disk usage threshold?

We’re using checkmk v2.1

There is a nfs share with 19TB possible storage. I can see that the warning begins with ~16TB, although 3TB is enough left for us, and the warning should start later.

It looks like this:

So is it basically possible to change this threshold to 18TB for the 1st warning, and let’s say 18.5 TB for the critial alert? I’m not exactly sure about the limits, but you get my idea…


You see that the threshold is at 80/90%. You can change it with percentage or absolute values.

You can change it by changing the “Parameters for this service”

yes I know. And this is possible for a specific mount point?
Because I didn’t define this mount point /opt/projects/*, it merely exists and is checked on many servers… but not all in our environment.

As you probably can imagine, I don’t want to raise the threshold for all disk space checks on all servers

Maybe you want to read about how checkmk’s rulesets work:


thank you for the Doc.
I managed now to create a new Ruleset for “Network filesystem - overall status and usage” , for specific hosts … Great!