How do I set a threshold?

I expected this to be easy. But (again) I’m failing miserably.

I want to change the thresholds for the Postfix mailq checks. Currently this service is detected by discovery, but there is nothing matching “Postfix” under Setup->Services->Service Monitoring rules

I can’t see how I can add a service rule without first finding an entry in this list.

I did find this post from 2012 but I do not have a “Parameters for Inventorized checks” option in setup.

(using 2.2.0p12 Raw)


I found “Parameters for this service” under servies of host - but now struggling to find where I edit the thresholds.

This chapter from the beginner’s guide may be helpful: Fine-tuning the monitoring

Thank you r.

I eventually worked out that I need to click on a hidden (!!) link in the “parameters of service” page to get to the screen where I can edit the parameters.

Why is the link hidden?

Why is the page not available under “service monitoring rules”?

I think you are looking for the rule “Mails in outgoing mail queue”. This rule can be found under “Service monitoring rules”.
The rule is not explicitly for Postfix but also for Nullmailer, for example, which is why the rule does not have Postfix in its name.

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