How to add inventory data not coming from the client?


How would I enrich inventory data for a host/client with data not coming from this host? Any best practice patterns? I.e.: Do I have to create a pseudo (empty!) section <<<get_info_from_central_ACME_DB…>>> on the agent only to be triggered on the cmk master and fill it there bypassing the default parsing mechanism?


Hi Markus,

you need to transfer the data from the other system as piggyback data.
Then the checkmk host knows that the data is stored for the real host.
It would be good to also add some persistence value to the section header if the data is not sent every check interval.

Best regards

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Hi Andreas

Many thanks for the prompt answer.
I’ll give it a try.


Hi again

How would I change the piggyback_max_cachefile_age or some other variable which would “trump” this one?
Reason is that I’d like to have the piggyback files only created once per day, I am getting an “Piggyback file too old” error and found that piggyback_max_cachefile_age is set to 60 minutes.



Inside WATO - Global Settings - you find the setting “Maximum age for piggyback files”.
There you can set an time-span like you want it.

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Thx, that’s it. Worked as expected.