How to adjust NTP TIME global service thresholds?

Hi all

we have a few hundred *nix hosts with Check_MK agent. once service that is constantly flagging in warning state is NTP TIME. example like this:
WARN - Stratum: 3, Offset: 0.2413 ms, Time since last sync: 5 m (warn/crit at 5 m/60 m)WARN, Reference ID: 68C208E3 (

how do I got about changing the threshold globally to reduce this noise? it doesn’t seem to be helpful, I’d rather it alert at different value.

Here you can read about checkmk’s rule-based configuration: Host and service parameters - Understanding and using rules in Checkmk

  1. Under WATO in the sidebar, click Host & Service Parameters
  2. Search for a relevant keywork - in this case, NTP
  3. Click the most relevant rule name, “State of NTP time synchronisation”
  4. Create rule in folder: main directory
  5. Check “Phases without synchronization” and put in suitable numbers (chrony’s default maxpoll period is 17 minutes, for reference, so maybe warn at 20?)
  6. Save and apply changes


  1. Click the three-line/burger menu icon n the server, click Parameters
  2. Under “check origin and parameters” you’ll find the name of the relevant rule, “State of NTP time synchronisation”. Click it.
  3. as above from step 4

This is the same general workflow for adjusting the parameters for just about anything.

thank you this was exactly what I needed!