How to change the default state for Windows Services Discovery rule


I have created a Windows Services Discovery rule in Services Discovery Rules. However, the Default state if stopped autostart services are found is set to OK.

Since the rule was created with the intention of notifying us when such services are identified ,does anyone know how and where I can change the default state to WARN instead of OK when these stopped services are found?

Thanks in advance for any direction anyone might be able to provide.

With the “Windows Services” Service monitoring rule you can define the desired checkmk status for any Windows service and corresponding start type/status combination.

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Thank you for the input LaSoe.

I found this Windows Services rule under Service Monitoring Rules and created one for the specific service that we wish to monitor, which is one service, on one single host/server.

However, when I log onto the server that this service exists on and stop the service in Windows Services, nothing changes in CheckMk for that host.

Can you please advise what I should see logged in Check Mk (and where) when the service state for a service identified in the rule changes?

The way I set up the rule was based on the following assumptions:

  1. running is the normal/desired state
  2. if the service gets stopped, we’d want Check MK to let us know it has stopped running (WARNING State in CheckMK)
  3. If the service gets changed to a disabled startup type for any reason, we wish to ignore it

This is what my rule looks like:

Thanks in advance for any additional advise you might be able to provide.