How to change the email alert "OMD Site monitor"

Check MK 1.6.0p9
Ubuntu 18.04

Good afternnon Check MK community,

I had a question regarding the email alert that is currently setup to send with a subject line “OMD site monitor” and if there’s a way to change this to read something like “(Company Name) Alert” or something similar in that regard (the naming convention is definitely a work in progress :slight_smile: )

I know surfing through this forum I’ve found articles about the script file that you can modify, just can’t seem to locate it again.

Again thank you for all the help, it is always greatly appreciated!

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Hello @McJagger,

you can change the subject line for your notifications inside the notification-rule:

If you have multiple notification-rules you can also define different subjects for each rule. Note that there are different subjects for host- and service-notifications in every rule.
Hope this helps.


Thank you Lorenz! Exactly what i was looking for.

Hope you have a great day!

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