How to connect CheckMK with Devolutions Password Server / Remote Desktop Manager

CheckMK and DPS/ Remote Desktop Manager are both awesome products, and you can definitely benefit from connecting these two.

  • Create a “Custom Host Attribute” in Check MK, e.g. “RDM Url”
  • Set the “Notes URL for Hosts” to “$_HOSTMYCUSTOMATTRIBUTEID$”, in this example: “$_HOSTRDMURL$”
  • Create an API User with administrative rights
  • Create a DB User with SELECT permissions on tables “DatabaseInfo” and “Connections” in your DPS Database
  • Powershell: Install-Module -Name SQLServer
  • Download this script public-scripts/Update-RDMUrl at main · automate-this/public-scripts ( and run it

So what does this do?
You can open sessions in your Remote Desktop Manager via a special URL. This URL opens RDM and starts the session, e.g. RDP Session to your server.
My Script gets all SSH, RDP, and Websessions from DPS Database, generates the corresponding URLs, and writes these via the REST API to CheckMK into the Host Attribute.
The comparison is made with the “name” field from DPS, and the “title” from CheckMK.

Now you can click the “Notes” Icon on every Host Status Page in CheckMK, and it automatically opens a session to the device via your Remote Desktop Manager.

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thank you for sharing.
My question:
Does this work with the free devolution password server?

It should work with the Remote Desktop Manager Free Edition with a SQL backend. But I haven’t tested it.