How to downtime Veeam services?

Hi, I have a Veeam server running with plugin for checking clients status.
The plugin uses piggyback mechanism so, when I need to put Veeam server in downtime for maintenance, I receive two alerts from each Veeam client node: one from Veeam client service (check_mk-veeam_client) and one from Checkmk service itself (because it cannot find the piggyback from Veeam server).
Since I have about 240 Veeam client nodes, everytime I do maintenance on the server, I receive about 1000 notification emails for down/up of the services.
How can I put all of these service in downtime?
Putting the Veeam server in downtime is not enough, and also putting the Veeam client services in downtime is still not enough, because the Checkmk agent when “loose” the piggyback information goes in error.

the easy way is to put all the Services into one servicegroup and set a Downtime for this servicegroup

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Thanks, this is not exactly what I was looking for, but it works: I created a group and a specific rule that includes “Veeam client” + “Check_Mk” + “Check_MK Discovery” services, so I can now schedule a downtime for all of them in a single click, great!
I still don’t understand why there isn’t a relationship between the Veeam host and the piggyback mechanism in Check_MK service but, for now, I can be satisfied.

in this case it`s the question of the configuration see here

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Greets Bernd