How to migrate customized the tag group "agent"

Running Enterprise 1.6.0p11 - I get this message in the WATO > Tags page.
You have customized the tag group(s) agent in your tag configuration. In current Checkmk versions these are builtin tag groups which can not be customized anymore. Your customized tag group will work for the moment, but needs to be migrated until 1.7. With 1.7 it won’t work anymore.
HOW do I fix this?

  1. Check that no Host has set one of the Legacy marked Agent Tags anymore.
    Go to Wato > Host > Search, select one of the Legacy Agent Tag in Custom attributes > CMK Agent Type and show List of matching hosts
    If you get a result list change the CMK Agent Type for all Hosts, you can do that for all at one with the edit button.
    Repeat that for all Legacy Tags.

  2. Check all Data Source Program and other Rules if they use one of the Legacy marked Agent Tags and change the Value if necessary, to one of the built-in Agent types.

  3. Got to WATO > Tags and remove only one of the Legacy marked Agent types and save the Change.
    If you get a Warning the Agent type is still referenced somewhere and you need to fix this first. If you get no Warning you can go on with removing the next Legacy CMK Agent Tag until all Legacy Agent types are removed.

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Hi LaSoe,
When I do step 1 search for “agent type” = “Normal Checkmk agent,…” all hosts are listed.
The tag group ID “agent” once had dummy for tag for No-Ping. I have removed that from tag group ID “agent” and there is now a separate tag group ID “NoPing”. But I guess once this tag group has been customized it overrides what is now a (builtin) tag group ID “agent”.
The 4 tags in the tag group “agent” are now only the originals. ( cmk-agent / all-agents / special-agents / no-agent ).

This Check_MK site has been going for 5 years and gone through all the upgrades to get it to 1.6.0p11.
My thought is to delete this custom group “agent” and the (builtin) “agent” group will magically appear.
I was hoping someone could reassure me it will not break everything.

This is what a new site in 1.6.0p11 has for tag group “agent” as (builtin).

If you have only the 4 original tags inside your “modified” tag group i would leave it this way for now.
The last step to migrate it to your second screenshot involves manually modifying a mk file in your system.
The file is “~/etc/check_mk/multisite.d/wato/”, but i would not recommend to do this if it is the first time modifying such files manually. Worst case are broken tags.
At the moment there is no way inside gui to do this step there.

Thank you for the advice.
I do have some experience with modifying .mk files back in the older versions when some features had to be done in
I did try editing ~/etc/check_mk/conf.d/wato/ and it did not like it so I put it back.
I did not know there was an almost identical file in the multisite.d branch.
./etc/check_mk/conf.d/wato/ and ./etc/check_mk/multisite.d/wato/
The only difference between the two files is the first item “tag_config.update” verses “wato_tags.update”.
When doing “omd update” to the next versions, I have seen messages about feature changes and do you want to convert. I always respond yes. Do you think since this version of 1.6 is notifying of a customized “agent” tag group that the future upgrade to 1.7 will make the change?

I hope so :slight_smile:
If you removed all your own tags from this group it should be safe.
On the systems i handled manually i removed the tag group from the file “./etc/check_mk/multisite.d/wato/” and that’s all.