How to monitor client backups

Hey everyone,

we have a requirement regarding client backup monitoring: some 5.000+ filesystems being monitored on given hosts in our monitoring site have configured frequently scheduled backups incl. some includes / excludes. Backups are performed via an external backup tool (which is not veeam nor urbackup with own plugins being availalble…). Is there a general solution how to monitor via checkmk if these backups have been performed (if, how, and when so to say)? I guess the base question might be a common one in monitoring context… But I could not find out on any transferable approach for client backup monitoring available except this former post. Since we are facing a high amount of filesytems (resp. services) we don’t want to configure a huge number of individual rules manually like file group patterns…

are you able to query the client backup result via API, or other call from your backup server? If yes, you can write a plugin which split the result in piggyback data like veeam.

Hi ChristianM,
thanks - unfortunately, we are not able to query the client backup result via CLI or API - that would mean too many requests having a huge resp. killing impact on the client’s performance. The only suitable approach here seems to be a (daily) report being delivered by the backup client for further usage / analysis. With 5.000+ report entries things are getting tricky here…

Perhaps the backup server can write some “success log entry” into a file on the client. Which can then be monitored by Checkmk (fileinfo) to have some alert in case this file is too old.

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does the Backup Software write Logfiles.
You can monitor these files or write them into an elk, syslog or similar system for analysing.


What backup tool are you using? Maybe a Nagios plugin exists for that and you can use that. (I’ve set this up for Burp; works great).

Thanks so far for your feedbacks - but no solution yet.

The tool provides a (daily) reporting: a huge ascii list with all hosts and their filesystems that have been running a (successfull) backup - including relevant timestamps like last full / incremental backup.

Now, any check available

  • either to compare lets say “today’s list A” to “yesterday’s list B”; that might get tricky soon with regularly coming and going hosts in the backup list…
  • or to extract all information for all filesystems per host and add the information to specific services which will switch to W/C when thresholds are
  • or any other ideas how to handle that?

you can import the report file every day with all entries in a small database and use a sql check.