How to monitor the response code and the response body of a HTTP server?

I am brand new to checkmk (I wrote my own monitoring system for my self-hosted home infrastructure but so many people tell me that checkmk is awesome I have to check myself)

I use the docker installation and I am trying to add a simple HTTP monitor to check for

  • response codes
  • and/or response body content

I have been browsing the interface the docs and the Internet for a few hours and I did not move at all. I must be severely missing something.

I added the host and the ping check is OK. It is a docker image so I will not have an agent there, so I set it up as not having an agent. It is therefore “green” for now.

I would like to check http://bitwarden:80 and analyze the return code and the content. Is this something that can be done off the shelf?

I saw many references to check_http but I cannot find any trace of that on the web interface. Do I have to download plugins separately?

I plan to write a few plugins when I understand how the system works but I believe such a basic check should be available natively.


As you mentioned, check_http is the way to go. It should standard be available in the GUI. Assuming your on the 2.0.x release, navigate to SetupHTTP, TCP, Email, …

From there choose check HTTP service and Create Rule

Fill in something like this:

Save and activate your changes and theoretically you should be good to go.


Oh and maybe you need to specify an explicit host as well:

Just replace lnx-hrl-153v with whatever your host in CheckMK is called.


THANK YOU - I was already there but could not see the forms on the page you mention. And this is when I realized that “Create rule…” is a button.

I added a host (more or less blindly) and it works, so I will dig into the documentation now. Thanks again!

You’re welcome. Glad to hear it’s working for you now.