How to monitor VMware?


I have a question about VMware monitoring, is there a plugin or process to monitor this type of device?

I am using the 1.6.0p15 Raw distribution

Thank you.

For VMWare you have a special agent. Best solution is to query the vCenter with this special agent. Read-only permission is ok for the used user.
Then you will get back all the data of the hosts and VMs.
You need to create the hosts and VMs with the exact same name as inside vCenter to see the data coming back.

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you can check the VMs (Vspher and ESXi standalone) as Andreas wrote and you can monitor every VM as a sperate system using the agents etc,
The combination of both options should give you a working setup for your requirement.


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I follow the instructions to monitor the VMWare ESXi, buy when i try to discover the information on the host, i received this error:

Agent exited with code 1: Cannot connect to vSphere Server. Please check the IP and SSL certificate (if applicable) and try again. This error is not related to the login credentials. Error message: SSLError(1, u’[SSL: UNSUPPORTED_PROTOCOL] unsupported protocol (_ssl.c:727)’)

On the secction 3.2. Problems with an ESXi-/vCenter-Server configuration, when i use the command “curl”

I can see this information:


I dont know if the status on Connection need to be other.

Can some one please help me ?