How to plug nagios to checkmk 2.0.0

Hi everyone!

We have an old Nagios core 4 and we want to plug it with a fresh installation of Check_MK 2.0.0.

I followed this article but nothing appens in check_MK : check_mk Livestatus API for Nagios | kodiak

Is it yet possible to use mk-livestatus to plug it between them or it’s obsolete?

And if yes, how can we do it?

Sorry for my English! He’s old…


I am no expert on Nagios, but I think you would ride a lot smoother just setting up a clean Checkmk installation and add all the hosts from your old environment.


Ok but it means to re-create all things yet done!

Possibly, I am not certain if there would be an upgrade path to get to a ‘supported’ setup.

But cleaning out from time to time can really valuable in my experience. I know it takes time, but you often find a lot of stuff that can be thrown out, which both eases administration and often improves performance of the monitoring itself.

Ok i will used and other methode!

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