How to remove piggyback from host

Hi Team,

We are trying to add vcenter server to our checkmk and it gives me the following error, the issue is its taking wrong piggyback source having different credentials from Vcenter, but why its taking piggyback? we haven’t enabled piggyback

Also , if we run cmk -D hostname, below is the details, in the label section it’s taking piggyback source while for other hosts which are perfectly working fine in checkmk don’t have this piggyback in label , only vcenter is having. But why?

In host properties, have given like this, even if I choose “never piggyback data” in Piggyback session nothing actually affects, the error is still the same.


Your error seams not related to piggyback, it seems a configuration error with your API Integration,
the Server returns “500 Interal Server Error”.

That with Piggyback is just information not related to this problem would I say.

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Well, when I do cmk -D hostname , the credentials displayed after running the command is correct . The output is for vcenter server which is giving issues. Here the Labels has Piggyback_source.

The output for the server runing fine in checkmk , so here in label we cant see piggyback source.

So why is there a difference between the 2 servers in the Label part?
Is it taking some kind of cached data?


It seems my configuration is fine like below: in the rule [VMWare ESX via vSphere]
Also , I have given root credentials of the vcenter to be very much sure



Sorry, just found the error…it was with my Username.
We can close the ticket.
Thank you.