How to restrict "Reschedule check" to some selected users on selected hosts

CMK version: 2.0.0p22
OS version: RHEL 7.4

I want to restrict the “Reschedule check” action to a few selected users on a few selected hosts.

Is that possible? How?

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You can define permissions using roles. You can find the setting in Setup → Roles & Permissions.
You could either configure existing rules or copy an existing one and change the “Reschedule checks” setting under “Commands on host and services”.
Hope that helps!

Hi phahn.

Would you explain that in the following example?

I want to resctrict the “Reschedule check” of “myHost” host to Administrators users.
Any other users must have access to “Reschedule check” of any others hosts else.

Well the administrator role by default has no restrictions, so they will be allowed to reschedule checks anyway. I don´t know what kind of roles you got, but you just have to edit the desired role. There are three built in roles which are Administrator, Normal monitoring user and Guest user. You can either choose one of the last ones, but it´s probably better to clone an existing role and modify that one. But thats on you, you just have to make sure, that all users that are not allowed to reschedule are in your modified role.

You can edit a role under Setup → Users → Roles and Permissions by clicking the pen icon next to the desired role.


After that the configuration page with all permissions should appear. There you should find the tab Commands on host and services with the option Reschedule checks. Change the value to no and safe and activate everything.

Now administrators would still be able to reschedule checks, but users with your modified role wouldn´t.


But the users with that modified role will no be able to “Reschedule checks” on any host.
I only want those users to not use “Reschedule checks” on myHost.