How to sync WATO config files between two identical monitoring instances?

Hello Everyone,

I need your advise on this.

I have two independent monitoring setups ( 1 master -> 2 slaves) both 1.5.0p15 . One setup is called DEV and the other is PROD. There are some config files which are same between both the setups. These files are namely the following:

Now, lets say, if I add a contact group and then assign a role and a contact group to a user on DEV, then I have to go to PROD and do the same stuff. Is there a way I can pro-grammatically sync the configs or what do you suggest ?

I was thinking of using WATO Git version control global setting and then use use $OMD_ROOT/etc/check_mk and storing it remotely in a repo on GitLab/Github with two branches lke dev and prod. I have no idea how to sync “$OMD_ROOT/local/share/check_mk/checks/”.With the DEV branch, I will pull the changes on DEV instance master and if all is good then will create a merge request to PROD branch and then all pull the changes on PROD master instance. This is just an idea. I have no experience on implementing it.

Have you also faced this problem and how did you solved it ?

Same answer as i wrote in your other question - do this with help of the WATO API.
Issue all changes to booth instances and that’s it.

Or manage your Prod system with WATO and then get the needed information with the API and write it to the Dev site with API calls.

Thank you Andreas for your valuable feedback.