How to write a special agent

Is there any more documentation about writing a special agent beside:

thanks, Manuel

If you can read German (I suppose you do) then you might want to read Wie schreibt man an besten einen Check für eine REST API Abfrage.


Hallo Dirk

Danke für den Hinweis, ich schaue mir das gleich mal an.


A special agent is just a program that outputs agent data on stdout which can be consumed by the check engine.
Agent data is anything that is separated by agent section headers.

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Yes I wrote one for the Infinidat storage systems we have. It’s not too much different from writing a local agent-based check. Maybe have a look at the existing ones like Netapp API to give you a few pointers.

I had done it the same way like most others here. Take one of the existing special agents and modify it for the new type of device or service.
Over the years there are some special agents created.