HPE servers temperature plugin output

Hi all
How is computed the temperature of zone 0 / zone 1 in Gen 10 HPE servers plugin output ?
HPE servers has 35 sensors that can go from around 25 degress centigrade in the Inlet area to 100 degrees centigrade in PCI slots area.

There’s an average ? Which value is kept in the plugin output ?
We’re using 2.0.0p12 CEE. Agent is also 2.0.0p12.
Agent output:

Nobody knows how agent compute temperature values ?

What you see in your temperature output of the “thermal zone” is not computed anywhere.
This is read directly from “/sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone…”
From where your Linux system gets the values i don’t know.
If you have a hardware server with proper management interface i would recommend to use this to get the real values for your temperature sensors.
Most times the Linux thermal is not usable.

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