I need help monitoring UDP Packets between 2 devices


i’m pretty new to check-mk and have a question.
I want to monitor the Udp traffic between two devices, in my case it would
be a windows 2012 Server, and either the Linux Red Hat Fedora System where
Check MK is running on or i’ll setup another Windows/Linux System for testing purposes.
I want to be able to see how many Udp packets are lost during a data transfer between two clients.

Right now for testing purposes i’m using the check mk docker image that should be the Raw version.

Thanks in advance!

maybe with the netflow plugin?
But this will not be a cheap solution.

You can use check_udp plugin for this.

~/lib/nagios/plugins$ ./check_udp --help
check_udp v2.2 (monitoring-plugins 2.2)
Copyright (c) 1999 Ethan Galstad nagios@nagios.org
Copyright (c) 1999-2008 Monitoring Plugins Development Team

This plugin tests UDP connections with the specified host (or unix socket).

check_udp -H host -p port [-w ] [-c ] [-s ]
[-e ] [-q ][-m ] [-d ]
[-t ] [-r ] [-M ] [-v] [-4|-6] [-j]
[-D [,]] [-S ] [-E]

Thank you for the fast reply Ralf! I will try using your solution when i have the time.

Thanks for your quick Solution aswell David! I will also try it when i have the time and get back to you both.