I'd like to add custom check for winperf counters, in particular DNS counters

So, I noticed that such counters look like:

\DNS\UDP Query Received/sec

Notice the hierarchy/path in the name.

Do I configure the winperf counter using the name and double escape the backslashes? Does anyone know of a example in Checkmk today or Exchange that I could look at?

Answering my own question. I used the winperf_ts_sessions to get the actual check started… though for my check I’ll be checking an ever growing counter and graphing requests/sec. But answering the question, here is the check_mk.user.yml lines of interest:

    enabled: yes
        - DNS: cjc_dns

Can you please explain step by step?

I just can’t get any further and i am totally stomped.

Probably more of a tutorial thing… I’ll put a link here to what I post in the proper category.

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