Implement new view to checkmk

Hello there

I am trying to extend my CheckMK-Installation with an own view.
Until now i wrote all my extensions using PHP but was told to use Python for security reasons - or so :wink:

For now i can put a simple py-script into my local/share/check_mk/web/htdocs-Folder, but i want to integrate it into the checkmk-environment to use all the cmk.gui-modules and access some things like loggedin user, groups of the user, selected theme and some things like that.
(in my php-code i used the LQL or some wired js-hacks to access some of these things :crazy_face: )

I realized that checkmk is somehow using flask to register its view and submitting something like a registration-context, but i’m unable to find the starting point for my own development neither can find any manual, howto or basic tutorial. :worried:

So i hope the community can provide me something like a simple “Hello World”-Tutorial using those flask-register-annotations… :pray:

Thanks in advance! :kissing_closed_eyes: