Implementing checkmk in Private cloud


It is possible to implimente checkmk in Azure stack Hub ( private cloud ) for Monitoring all resources ?

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I donā€™t see anything that speaks against it. Spin up a Linux VM with one of our supported distributions, install Checkmk on it, and continue from there like with any other on prem or cloud-based Checkmk server

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so the checkmk configuration process on azure stack hub ( private cloud ) is the same as on azure public?

Without knowing much about Azure Stack Hub, I would assume so.

The Checkmk application itself is pretty agnostic of where it is running, as long as itā€™s on a Linux server with a supported distro and sufficient resourcesā€¦ (or in a docker container)

Whether anything is different on the Azure side of things, I donā€™t know.

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