Include multiple and diffrent pattern in File Grouping Pattern


is it possible to group many diffrent patterns in one File Grouping Patterns rule?

i would like to group /adminuser/files/* … /dbuser/files/* and /database/files/* and other 100 more in one same group… unfortunately only one filed in “include pattern” is shown and can be edited…

thank u in advance.

How about pressing the Button: “Add pattern group” and giving it the same name?

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my bad i had to tell what i allready tried.
so adding new pattern groups with the same name did not helped me. the agent was showing the output

but checkmk is only showing the first pattern group

i also tried working with regex expr in the same pattern group filed like :
(/root/FILEINFO/*) | (/root/TESTINFO/*) did also not work.

but as the documentation metioned fileinfo will be listing all files he founds under the service… so i think listing maybe more than 10 thousend files… will break the GUI down. filestats may be here a better solution.