Include YUM Plugin in Checkmk

I am still puzzled why I even need to write this post, but maybe someone swoops right in and explains to me, why this is such a far fetched idea, but:

I propose to include the YUM Plugin developed by Henri Wahl into the Checkmk officially supported plugins. As he stated just days ago he is low on time to maintain the plugin and we do not even have v2.0 support yet. I think the obvious solution is for the tribe to pick up his work.

That’s it, plain and simple. I hope this will get some attention in the right places.

we are considering to mainline the top Exchange plug-ins every once in a while.
There are a couple of legal things, which we have to clarify first though. We can’t just take a “new feature” from someone and mainline it, even if the other person says “yes”. Hammering out a bullet-proof contributor license agreement for such cases of code contributions is a requirement.

As we are currently working on many other things as well, we have postponed this plan at the moment.



@martin.hirschvogel any news on that?

Hey @martin.hirschvogel, perhaps these resources can help:


I have been on parental leave for the last two months and just returned. The topic is on my list though.


Migrated to the feature portal: