Inexpensive low-maintenance remote CheckMk server

I’ve been thinking about running checkmk sites at each of our office and warehouse sites to do things like test latency FROM the site, ensure users at the site can get to our datacenters, etc. I don’t want to get into a whole infrastructure (VMware, etc) at each site… but i want something low-maintenance.

Wondering if anyone has any experience running CMK on any server appliance type hardware? Thinking something without a spinning drive… no monitor, etc. Something that could easily blend into a warehouse setting…

I’m thinking something along the line of one of these: Fanless Industrial Computers | OnLogic

I would here also recommend such a small industrial PC. I have some installations working with small devices like Intel NUC’s, but i think that every industrial PC should be fine. Also today i have no machine in use what uses a spinning drive, only SSD.

I am running a Checkmk instance on a Shuttle DS47 with 8 GB of RAM and a 120 GB SSD. Checkmk is monitoring ~30 hosts and works fine. The DS47 is out of sale, the current successor is the DS10U, which comes in four flavors from Intel Celeron to Core i7 CPUs. The DS series are fanless, entirely noiseless (with SSD) and certified for 24x7 operation.

I’ve been running CheckMK server on an Intel NUC for years now. Completely silent and without any issues. And to cut costs I went for the most low budget model I could find with 8GB of RAM.

Now depending on the amount of monitored clients, you may want to invest in a stronger CPU, but basically any AMD64 device should work.