Install Open Hardware Monitor

Hi everyone,

I’m using " Check_MK 1.5.0p12" and try to install the OpenHardwareMonitor plugin.
I did already download the files from the agent section and tried to place it in the plugin folder.
In other forum topics I saw, that the files should be placed at “C:\ProgramData\Checkmk\Agent\bin”, but I do not have an CheckMK folder at ProgramData.
All of this I tried and nothing works, do you got any other idea?

Currently the original OHM is running in the background of the server and it’s working fine.


Add support for new CPU's to the OHM plugin : As part of this werk, support for new CPU was added

Hi chauhan_sudhir,

currently I’m using the version 1.5.0 p12, so the update doesn’t affect my issue.
It’s been released for 2.2.0i1, 2.1.0p7 & 2.0.0p27.

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

Your Checkmk version is way too old.
You really need to upgrade. That will solve quite some problems.

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