Installing ChecMK on ASUS Tinkerboard S with DEBIAN as Linux

Hello together,
i want to use CheckMK on a separate machine (ASUS Tinkerboard S) and I search this package for using on ARM (v7) - Plattform.

Is there somewhere, who can help me please?
Best regards


On github you can find some prebuild packages for Raspian.
If they work out of the box on your Tinkerboard then it will be an option.
The following project also gives some hints how to build your own package.

Hey Andreas,
thank you very much for your help.
I´ve installed this Version for DEBIAN Stretch-Version and it´s work.

But, how can i update it to the NEW Version of CheckMK?
Because I see, that SNMP v3 is not implemented yet with the security feature, etc.

Best regards

Zhéxué M.