Integration with Apache Guacamole

I’m working on a integration between Checkmk and Apache Guacamole. Here is how it works:

1 - The integration connects to Apache Guacamole and retrieves all the connection ids and details of all connections.
2 - The integration connects to Checkmk and creates all the connections that are not available and provides apache guacamole protocol as a label
3 - Checkmk based on service labels monitor the availability of each connection using ICMP and the respective TCP port based on the assigned label.

As you can see the integration is working as I expect but I want to check if it somehow could be converted into an MKP as it relies on external stuff. I would like to define Apache Guacamole credentials using Checkmk GUI, create the cron job manually and let its execution be monitored by Checkmk.


  • Makes the integration work in any way Checkmk>Apache Guacamole or Apache Guacamole>Checkmk
  • Allow the exclusion of connections that are not working for some time
  • Allow the RDP,SSH,VNC,TELNET to be started directly from Checkmk interface

Observation: Apache Guacamole is being monitored by Checkmk and both solutions are running in the same server which for my use case is perfect.


Organize your integration into a structure that can be easily packaged as an MKP. An MKP is essentially a zip file containing the necessary files and metadata.

Here’s a simplified directory structure for an MKP:
|-- etc/
| |-- check_mk/
| |-- conf.d/
| |-- my_integration.cfg
|-- local/
| |-- share/
| |-- check_mk/
| |-- my_integration/
| |-- my_integration_script
| |-- my_integration_helpers
| |-- …
|-- metadata
|-- my_integration

Hi, just to summarize the integration is working and I`m maintaing a Github (GitHub - pauloadrianodotcom/guacamk: Integration Between Checkmk and Apache Guacamole for Monitoring of the Server and Connections) with more details about it. As I need a scheduled job to retrieve connections from Guacamole the plugin might not be the best choice at this moment for this integration. Here is a host with Labels retrieved from Apache Guacamole.

I will work in the plugin creation for the removal of old connections which seems to be a perfect use case for a plugin. Thanks

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