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I am using if64 for monitoring of Juniper Ports. I want to add to the check ‘95 percentile’ has someone done it?

P.S. I have created a custom graph for that one but the problem is that I have to do it for each one of the interfaces ( around 300) and I don’t know how to add it in the Interface Graphs.

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Hristo Petrov

You have to create 95%ile graphs with custom graphs, there is currently no other option.

and there we are again with “custom graphs” and the nightmare if been used for a bigger bunch of services - in this case Interfaces
We addressed in a different case, that its too complicated, not UX friendly and not working for “bulk-actions” :frowning:

You want it for accounting (customers) or for devops need?
I guess best way is to open a feature request? (wondering still how other companys doing it - cant imagine creating thousand of graphs for that, or do they all have enough trainees for the job? :wink: )

Hi there I need it for DevOps functions… Also I am struggling with poor documentation. I don’t know how to make a api call to get the highest utilization value for the last 35 days for example… How can I get the data for a service the easiest way to import the number in a python script? I am using Enterprise Version.

flatrate customers :wink:
… and IP accounting with netflow, but outside of Checkmk

Can someone share experience, how can I get this values, it’s not a problem to add another system only for this. These numbers are important for me !

maybe those who’ve been working already with the ntopng integration can answer?
If I rember correctly, it wass able to do it with ntopng - so there should be then a easier way within CMK I guess

I do not know, maybe that’s even not possible.

Maybe this could be a feature request, @martin.hirschvogel

Don’t know if it is possible, that’s why there might be no docs around that.

Could be a feature request, but feature requests have to go the path via a customer support ticket.

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