Introducing Canned Replies

Hi Checkmk Community!

From our last forum update, we have added the Canned Replies plugin, which saves users the hassle of typing commonly written texts in the forum. Thanks for the suggestion @tosch!

How to Use the Plugin

Step 1

When creating a new post or replying to a post, click the gear icon on the text editor. There you’ll see ‘Canned Replies’.


Step 2

Upon clicking ‘Canned Replies’, the list of available canned replies that you can use will appear on the right side. Simply click on the :clipboard: icon and it will add the text to your editor.

How to Add More Canned Replies

As of now, only an admin can add a new canned reply, so feel free to reply to this thread with your suggestions!


As an idea:
A canned reply asking the thread opener to mark a solution as such


Added! Thanks for the suggestion. :slight_smile:

Maybe the message to welcome new forum members would be handy. As far as i have seen you can use macros like the username at the canned replies.

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Great idea! Added it now. Really good use case for the variables :+1:

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