Introducing the How-to Articles Category

TL;DR: New How-to articles category in the forum! Interested in contributing an article? Please read the guidelines

We want you to have the power to actively shape the knowledge articles around Checkmk. There is a significant amount of valuable knowledge in the forum, but they are scattered and not compiled in a cohesive article. We have the manual, but it is designed to be a very comprehensive documentation about using the software in general that requires a lot of time to write.

That’s why we are starting a how-to section in the forum for articles from the community. In a true open fashion, we want content creation more collaborative. That means it would be more open to discussion, feedback and editing, not involving only tribe29 but the whole Checkmk community. This idea has been brought up in the past, and we think now we have the editorial capacity to support community members who want to write tutorial articles.

We want to ensure that we are prepared to support you, so to start the program we will talk to you and draft the article for you which you can approve or reject.


  • The article should be in English. If you are more comfortable in German, we can translate it into English for you. For languages other than German, unfortunately we don’t have the capacity to translate them right now.
  • Articles should be open for comments and possibly edits after publishing. The community will be welcome to discuss and there’s a possibility that you might have to edit your article.
  • The tone of voice should be like how you would talk to fellow community members: friendly, fun and respectful. Please do not speak ill about anyone or any opinion.
  • Please avoid sales promotion of your product or company and any recruitment. :wink:
  • Please avoid any mention of personal information
  • If you don’t want your name to be mentioned, we can post it for you.

Possible Topics

  • Best practices and practical tips
  • How you configured Checkmk to suit your use case
  • Helpful info for beginners
  • Your experience in setting up something, and adding Checkmk to the setup:


  1. Send @Ferdinand or me a message about your idea.
  2. A call will be set up to discuss you about the content (German or English possible)
  3. We’ll write the article based on our conversation OR if you already have an article, we’ll edit it for you.
  4. Get your final approval
  5. Publish under the name that is agreed

Looking forward to your articles! Feel free to let us know if you have any thoughts about this concept.