Is it possible to define a hook after clicking bake agent


I would like to know if there is a way to define a hook when we click on GUI bake and sign (or bake) agents

I would like to build a script which upload automatically signed checkmk agents to our private registry and therfore would need to konw if it is possible.



We have a similar need but Checkmk does not have any web hooks, or message bus or anything close.

However if I recall correctly there is state file for agent bakery. I’m thinking about reading the state and use it to push artefacts.

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Personally, I find this idea really interesting. Would you mind suggesting it in the ideas portal?


Interesting idea, that would be cool!
But couldn’t you just sync the ~/var/check_mk/agents/ directory to your registry? All the baked agents are stored there.

Hello, It’s done

In the meantime I will try to using status file.
Thanks and regards

That could be a possibility. but I have to dispatch them in different folder.

Thanks, I will have a look to this state file as a start.