Is it possible to remove services by Summary?


So I have my access points as wireless controller’s interfaces.
The problem is: My controller shows both Inactive and Active Access Points, so checkMK just reads it as a interface as well.
What I notice is that all of the “inactive” ones have in the summary “MAC: 00:00:00:00:00”.
I was hopping if there was any way of removing services by summary.
If you have any other ideas to remove this inactive Access Points, please tell me
Thanks in advance

If you see this information only inside the service summary then i see no easy way to remove the services.
Can you show small screenshot of such an inactive service?

It’s not the service that is Inactive.
The Access Points is inactive in the controller which makes it look DOWN or UP on a checkmk service (depends on the Ping).
The only way I found to be the differential point is the MAC address. In the Access Points that are inactive on the controller, the MAC Address is 00:00:00:00

What plugin are you using? Maybe this needs to be implemented in the plugin to distinguish the interface states.

I’m not using any plugins.
In the controller (Extreme) I enabled an option (Enable Acess points as the controllers interfaces).
In checkMK, I just scanned the controller

Okay, then Checkmk is simply displaying the interfaces with the built-in checks. You might want to look into the rule Network interfaces and switch ports for tuning the services, or maybe at Network interface and switch port discovery do decide which interfaces should be discovered in the first place.

I know these interfaces on Extreme wireless controllers. The state is every time up, but you only see with the MAC of the interface if it is real up or down, on the associated AP.

And as far as i know it is not possible to filter the interface discovery for MAC addresses.

For this problem i would write a own check that replaces the generic interface check - only with a modified discovery function.

Gotcha. Well in that case there really is no other way than the one you describe.
Maybe you guys can team up and bring somthing to :slight_smile: