Issue with Host Deletion via API

CMK version: 2.0.0p18 CEE
OS version: RHEL 7.9

we have a very strange problem deleting hosts via API. We call the API call inside an ansible playbook like this:

url: “{{ check_mk_agent_monitoring_host_url }}check_mk/api/1.0/objects/host_config/{ inventory_hostname }}”
method: DELETE
return_content: yes
status_code: [200,204]
Content-Type: "application/json
Accept: “application/json”
Authorization: bearer {{ check_mk_agent_monitoring_host_wato_username }} {{ check_mk_agent_monitoring_host_wato_secret }}

After that, we currently have to manually activate the resulting changes. The strange thing now is that not all hosts are deleted completely. For example, if I delete three hosts via the playbook, the three changes appear in the GUI, but after activating them, there is often one host left in a half-baked state. Only the Active Checks and the checkmk services are still visible there. Everything else is missing (e.g. file systems, CPU, etc.). I then have to delete this host again via the GUI.
Has anyone had similar problems deleting hosts via the API?


Maybe you could try adding a time.sleep(x) in Python or the sleep command in Bash, between the API requests. I would also consider using the bulk deletion option instead.

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Hi, I’ll check this.
Thank you so far.


When you activate you mean you activate changes? And are all changes ok? No errors?
I have never seen this before. Are you running your Ansible jobs in parallel? Perhaps your server is not fast enough and strange things happened?
Perhaps you could try to sleep a while between your hosts?

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thank you very much for the answers so far. So my guess is that the parallel deletion via the API is causing the checkmk server to misbehave. I have now serialized the api call with “throttle: 1” in my Ansible playbook. Since then I don’t have this problem anymore.

I’ll do some further testing.