Join our first Checkmk Livestream on 13th of October!

Checkmk Team starts a new format and tomorrow we are going to have our first livestream!

The new agent and its features have been a point of discussion in our Checkmk community forums. That is why we have decided to talk about that in a livestream and discuss it in real time!

Join us on YouTube on 13th October at 17:00 CEST: we will discuss the changes and improvements in the agent and the agent bakery with Checkmk v2.0 and v2.1.
You will have a chance to ask your questions in YouTube live chat so do not miss out on that opportunity if you have something to ask our experts about.

See you tomorrow!


A bit short notice but I will try to make it


Yes, really short and a problem for the ones without a valid youtube account.

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@rprengel I’m sure you can watch, but may not be able to comment in the chat

Do you ve hints to to get the rights to add a comment.
I ve a valid google account and configuerd the login using a chrome browser.

So the community without google account has to be silent…

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@mike1098 @rprengel we won’t allow that! If you want, you can DM me and I’ll try to post the question for you :slight_smile: There is always a way

Just let me know a little in advance so I would monitor my forum messages :slight_smile:

About the short notice – we’ll do our best to do better next time and post about it in advance.

But if you are not able to attend and still interested in the topic – as always, the recording will be available afterwards.

I will send you messages using this way.

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@mike1098 what do you expect us to do? You can never get it right for 100% of the people.

I see 3 alternatives, all of them bad:

  1. Not do these things at all. Then no one can complain

  2. Use a different service, like twitch etc. that you might like better, but then other people complain that they have to sign up for a new service

  3. Build our own live streaming service. I’m sure we have a few devs lying around with nothing to do…

Youtube has 1B+ users, so chances are, that by using YouTube we use the service that the highest percentage of community members are already able to use. (Plus it’s reliable, secure, etc…)

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That’s even worse. I dont appreciate a one way presentation without allowing the community to start a dialog and ask questions. If its that way I can view the session anytime and dont need to attend.

I think you are misunderstanding @Sara. Of course, we allow interaction, just not from anonymous / not logged in users


Ahh, OK. Than I take it back.
So with a google account I can ask questions and probably get an answer :slight_smile:

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And even if you do not want to use the Google account, you can just text me here – I will forward the message there. That is what I meant, I am sorry if that was not very clear: we will not allow lack of google accounts stop us from interacting with the community :slight_smile:

I hope you will be able to join the livestream!

Good news: as there are people who do not have YouTube accounts to post in the chat, we will post a QR code at the beginning of the livestream, where you will be able to send your questions as well


Dear community members who joined us,
Thank you! It was great to have you with us on our first Livestream :slight_smile:

I know we haven’t covered some of the agent-related questions: we will pass them to Andi to answer and will post the answers here (I’ve seen your questions among them, @Yggy and @mike1098).

Another thing I would like to ask everyone who joined us or watched the recording: please share your feedback! What was good? What we could improve for the next livestream?
Your opinion matters and we want these videos to be as informative for you all as possible.

I will gladly, for a modest fee, live stream via whatever they have available :smiley:

Ill record the youtube video using my iphone, post that to Facetime, Facebook, Twitch, Twitter, ill even bust out an old VHS camera and go really old school, mail those to you like blockbuster :smiley:

Aw snap, I did not realise today was the 14th … next time :wink: