July-October Community Bulletin

:newspaper: Updates

The Bulletin is Back!

Dear community, after quite a pause, the Checkmk Bulletins are coming back!

In this July-October Bulletin we will try to cover some of the news since the June Bulletin was published. Get ready, there are quite a few!

New Videos: What’s New in Checkmk 2.1

New Tutorial Videos:

August Community Call recording

In August we talked about the Checkmk Ansible Collection, why we think it would be great to have it and how we could work on this together with the community :slight_smile:

Watch the recording on YouTube

October Community Call recording

In October we had two topics to discuss during the call: we had a presentation for Google Cloud Integration in Checkmk and also a sneak peek at the newest version of documentation! Take a look too: October Call Recording

:mega: Shout-outs

:trophy: New Community Problem Solvers

Since the last report 6 people became Community Problem Solvers with at least 5 replies marked as a solution. Thank you so much for all you do for the community :)!







:trophy: New Community Helpers

From the last report we have 24 new Community Helpers! We are happy to have you with us!


























:trophy: New Community Allies

25 of your replies were marked as a solution! That is a great achievement, thank you for being with us and sharing your expertise!



:trophy: New Community Heros!

Wow, 50 of your replies were marked as solution! You are indeed a hero, this forum really appreciates you!



:beetle: Bugfixes

Since June, we have accepted more than 43 Pull Requests from the community. We want to thank you all for your contributions!

:loudspeaker: Accepted Feature Requests

The suggestions received in our new Feature Portal are already being implemented! Here are the features that were requested and now are released:

Scrollbar visibility and size

Extend Service Output for NFS Mounts (AIX + Linux)

MongoDB: add support for authentication

Make password store available for integration of nagios plugins

Increase maximum SNMP Timeout

Configurable cisco_asa_failover unhandled state status in WATO

As always, thank you for all you do in helping our community to thrive :heart: