Kubernetes monitoring not showing all data

CMK version:
Checkmk Enterprise Edition 2.1.0p21
OS version:
Linux Cluster
Error message:
No error message…
After I completely setup Kubernetes monitoring, and when I go to

Monitor–> Applications → Kubernetes Cluster all my data is listed except for Namespace, Nodes, DaemonSets…

All data related to CPU, Memory Pod resources: Cluster are displayed without any problems.
All services are up and OK.

Does anyone know what the trick is in order to display data related to namespaces and Nodes on the dashboard.
I did everything according to the instructions and everything went without a problem, I just don’t see all the things.

I am very grateful for your help.


could you tell a bit more insights on what you did and how your environment looks like?

Have you installed the checkmk containers in your cluster, created a way to get the data out of the cluster (e.g ingress or node Port) and enabled the option " Enrich with usage data from Checkmk Cluster Collector"?

you have set it up correctly in general as the cluster collector is running (you can see the usage data for both CPU and Memory). Also the services show that the piggyback source host representing the cluster is set up properly.

I can spot two issues:

  • The hardware/software inventory of the piggyback source host is not up-to-date (otherwise it would show something in the field cluster)
  • The piggyback hosts are either
    • not created (probably the issue here)
    • don’t have the correct labels (this can only happen, if you did something completely non-standard)

The piggyback hosts are not created, if setting up the dynamic host config is not done properly.

To quickly check if all hosts are there, which you need, you can search in all hosts for hosts which are named like this:

If they don’t exist, then please post your dynamic host config

Many many many thanks for your reply, since I`m beginner on CMK all information can help me.
Regardihg Dynamic host management:

  • I have this ERROR

ERROR An exception occured
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/omd/sites/tamprod/lib/python3/cmk/cee/dcd/connectors/piggyback.py”, line 229, in _execute_phase2
cmk_hosts = self._web_api.get_all_hosts()
File “/omd/sites/tamprod/lib/python3/cmk/cee/dcd/web_api.py”, line 224, in get_all_hosts
resp = self._session.get(“/domain-types/host_config/collections/all”)
File “/omd/sites/tamprod/lib/python3.9/site-packages/requests/sessions.py”, line 600, in get
return self.request(“GET”, url, **kwargs)
File “/omd/sites/tamprod/lib/python3/cmk/cee/dcd/web_api.py”, line 129, in request
user_id, secret = self._credentials.for_api_call()
File “/omd/sites/tamprod/lib/python3/cmk/cee/dcd/models.py”, line 289, in for_api_call
return (user_id, self._read_secret(user_id))
File “/omd/sites/tamprod/lib/python3/cmk/cee/dcd/models.py”, line 298, in _read_secret
raise MKGeneralException(
cmk.utils.exceptions.MKGeneralException: Secret could not be found. Maybe user ‘automation’ is missing.

Again, thanks for giving me good explanation and I appreciate it.

Did you delete the automation user? ;D
Go to Setup → Users
There should be an entry with ID automation.

Thanks for reply and your help,
I don`t see Automation user and never delete that user.
We have some automation user for service account but no user with name automatization.

Please read

For further help, I believe it is now better to contact support.

Can you check your global settings “Connection to the Web API” setting ?
I had the same error in one of my sites where the account “automation” was set there and someone deleted that account.
I solved the problem with the DCD by just creating a new user “automation” as automation account and set a secret for it, or you could change the setting to your other automation account.

Hey Martin, just to let you know that problem was on Automation user, when I create this user all is fix and work as well :slight_smile:
MANY MANY MANY thanks for that!!!

If I see you some ware two beer from me :slight_smile:

Thanks again all you guys and have a good day!

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Good to hear.

My takeaway: we should show a warning when someone deletes the automation user and add this as a check to Analyze configuration (Analyzing the Checkmk site configuration).
What do you think @aeckstein?


happy that it works now, could you mark my post as a solution ?


either like this, or you simply prevent the deletion of the user completely, either generally or if it is still stored somewhere in the configuration