Limit new users to 3 replys is very discouraging

I’m talking about this one: How to Tag Users in Slack Notifications - #14 by liliang

I can’t reply to message in the topic I participate in discussion.

The same is for limits on media in one topic. I wasn’t able to properly and nicely describe my issue.

I just wanted to share my frustration here regarding this - I feel helpless and somewhat discouraged.

Maybe you can provide some way to get rid of those limitations faster?

And I can’t even send direct message to user that asked me a question :-/

that seems really annoying

Hi @admin-linux-it

I wasn’t aware of this restriction. We will look into it. There may be a good reason for it, probably to prevent spam, but I understand why this is annoying for motivated ‘new joiners’

For now, I have manually increased your “Trust Level”, so you should no longer have this restriction.

@Sara want to take a look as well?

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I believe it has been introduced for a reason. But introducing some mechanism to prove myself worthy maybe a good idea as well :slight_smile:

Thanks @elias.voelker :pray:

The reason for such limits we see today - over the last 6 hours you have many spam posts from newly created accounts.
If then also some post is marked as solution it is not so easy to hide these.
To hide such posts you need to flag every post as spam and here comes also a problem after 20 or so marked as spam, there is also a limit^^
It is not enough to ignore the poster as he marked his own post as solution.


Hi @andreas-doehler !
I see it and it is a lot :eyes: Overall, more than 100 spam messages.

@admin-linux-it this is one of the reasons there are some restrictions for new users – spam. Another reason is that for the best experience on the forum it is a good idea to look around it at first – see how other users write posts, how they reply, what information is usually needed to efficiently resolve Checkmk questions – and this trust level procedure encourages that.

As always, if for some reason a newcomer cannot go through the usual procedure of gaining higher level of trust (usually it is not a difficult set of actions, like to read topics/posts including category description and rules of the forum, spend some time on the forum, for example, searching for topics of users with similar problems) they can contact me and I can manually change the trust level as soon as I talk to the user and am assured I am talking to an actual Checkmk user :slight_smile: