Livestatus error: ('_ssl.c:711: The handshake operation timed out',). The encryption settings are probably wrong."


I have deployed a CMK cluster, version 1.6.0p7-raw. There is one master and 3 slaves and they have configured SSL Encryption. The deployment works fine but in a random way you can see errors like “Cannot connect to ‘tcp::6557’: (’_ssl.c:711: The handshake operation timed out’,). The encryption settings are probably wrong.”

Does anyone know why this happens? You reload webpage and everything works fine but this error appears randomly.

Thank you in advance.



Got the same result here… I got this random error often.

Same issue here, going across a vpn to the slave node.

I think i found the cause, firewalls in between master and slave have a connection rate limit setup. removing the limit seems to have fixed the issue.

Hello Nekret,

I have got a possible solution. If you use Persistent Connections between master and slaves, this error disappears, at least I have no received this fail from I activated it.