Livestatus TLS connection error on creation

Hi guys, so I got a problem that might not actually be one but here it goes: I have a fresh checkmk appliance (1.4.7) setup with CME (1.6.0p7) as my master and the exact same setup as a satellite. Both have their web interface provided over HTTPS with different certificates. When configuring distributed monitoring I made checkmk ignore the certificate of the satellite, as it is not trusted and that’s okay.
The thing is: When trying to create the encrypted Livestatus connection I get error 400, ssl certificate verify failed (or so). As far as I understood the documentation this should not happen, because checkmk negotiates certificates for that internally for this purpose.
I got it to work by disabling the certificate validation on the Livestatus connection too, but I would like to follow the default here, which is to check the validity.

Can anyone point out where I am wrong here? Thanks in advance!