Log rotation with checkmk docker container

CMK version: 2.0.0p20cfe
OS version: Docker

Error message:
cp: cannot stat ‘/usr/sbin/logrotate’: No such file or directory
/omd/sites/cmk/bin/logrotate: 27: /omd/sites/cmk/bin/logrotate: /omd/sites/cmk/var/tmp/logrotate: not found

There is no logrotate binary in the docker container, therefore logrotate never gets executed. Please add logrotate into the container!

Same is still true for cmk 2.1.0b2. I guess adding logrotate to the package list under checkmk/Dockerfile at 258525f2daa91a88e392e10ef5cdbcd6a94e2056 · tribe29/checkmk · GitHub should fix this