Looking for a job as CheckMK System Engineer/DevOps

My current position is DevOps Engineer at Tipster Service. Due to a police operation and the LKA determining against different persons in my company, I am looking for a new job.

Since I started as a DevOps Engineer, I developed a stateless deployment for our monitoring instance, which is the CheckMK-Raw Edition. The deployment process heavily uses the REST-API and a Bash Script which runs as Healthjob in the Docker container when starting the container in the Docker compose stack.
Furthermore, I wrote local Checks for different purposes in Bash, wrote down an on-call concept and researched and decided on a notification provider for calls/SMS.

The other part of my job was writing Ansible Roles to deploy the application on our new sports bet platform.
This included Docker swarm, Docker registry, Portainer, acme.sh and watchtower.

After I spoke to Oliver Gronwald, he suggested me to post in this category.


Hi Peter,

we are always looking for new talents: Jobs und Karriere | Heinlein Support GmbH

If you are looking more in your region I would recommend https://tarent.jobs/


Hi Peter,

if you are looking for a company in Cologne then you may have a look at Karriere bei der ITeratio.
We are always on the lookout for colleagues who fit both professionally and personally.

Best regards,


Thanks for this job suggestions, sent my application :slight_smile:

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FYI: Solved, I will start as DevOps Engineer on 1.7.23.